Monday, May 9, 2016

Galileo Pre-K Online: Supporting Educators Meeting Florida VPK Assessment and Reporting Requirements

Preschool educators in Florida are once again empowered to choose the assessment system that best fits their Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) assessment needs. Galileo Pre-K Online from Assessment Technology Incorporated offers a powerful VPK reporting tool. The flexible, data-based assessment system reflects Florida's early childhood standards, school readiness goals, and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. Galileo links planning, individualization, and program enhancements to support programs as they prepare children for transition to kindergarten.  

Enjoy the many benefits that implementing Galileo Pre-K Online offers: 
  • Reporting ease: Track and communicate progress on Florida VPK assessment measures.
  • Ongoing multi-method assessment: Access information on learning anytime, anywhere and record observations as often as desired throughout the year. 
  • Flexibility in collecting and sharing child observation notes: Include videos and images in child and class notes and share notes with families by printing them out or by providing them through the online Galileo Parent Center.
  • Customizable assessment scales: Galileo offers scales in both English and Spanish for children birth through 5 years with tools to translate them into other languages. Add or delete scale capabilities or create new scales for special or local needs. 
  • Research-based Developmental Level (DL) scores: Based in Item Response Theory (IRT), readiness levels and DL scores are used to measure child progress and to plan developmentally appropriate lessons for individuals or groups of children.
  • Comprehensive training and support options: Take advantage of complimentary support options delivered by phone or via web-based tutorials or purchase customized on-site training provided by our skilled Professional Development Team. Plus, ongoing access within the application to the Professional Development Forum, Galileo Help interface, and other training and support documents facilitate continuous training.

 Contact the ATI Field Services Team at or call 1.877.358-7611 for a personal overview of Galileo Pre-K Online. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how the system works and how it can help programs achieve goals designed to ensure children's developmental and educational success. 

For those attending the NHSA Conference in Nashville next week, be sure to stop by ATI exhibit #415 for a live look at Galileo Pre-K Online.

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