Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Year-End Review and Preparing for the New School Year

It is hard to believe that the end of the school year has arrived. Now that your district is wrapping up the 2015-16 school year, it is the perfect time to reflect on a year of Galileo implementation. It is also time to begin planning for next year.  

ATI recommends that you gather appropriate personnel and staff for a “year-end review.”  In a Year –End Review meeting you may revisit the Galileo goals you establish at the start of the year. Common goals among district implementing Galileo often include:

  • administer district-wide assessments in grade K-8 for math, ELA, and science;
  • increase teachers use of district-wide testing data for classroom interventions; and 
  • incorporate Galileo student performance data into instructional effectiveness plans

Once participants have reviewed the year’s Galileo goals, they may then review the feedback from this year’s implementation, identifying both the challenges and success stories. Utilize this valuable feedback to begin formulating goals for the 2016-17 school year and determine in what ways your implementation plan may be added to and/or modified.

Once the review of the year has occurred, moving onto planning for 2016-17 might include:

  • determine the assessment types, frequency, subjects, and for administration;
  • determine how you will administer assessments;
  • identify new Galileo features you will explore and implement (e.g., Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform) and create a professional development plan to assist in the roll out of these features on your campuses;
  • identify staff changes that your team and ATI should be made aware of;
  • determine who will be the Galileo Test Coordinator(s); and
  • identify new district initiatives that ATI should be notified of such as the implementation of a new Student Information System or textbook adoption.

As you complete your year-end review and your 2016-17 planning meetings, remember you may always contact ATI if you have questions, or would like some advice and guidance.  You may contact us at 1-800-367-4762 or GalileoInfo@ati-online.com.

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