Monday, June 20, 2016

Several Options Offered in the Galileo Comprehensive Assessment System

Galileo K-12 Online offers a full range of assessments with actionable reporting and school-comparison capability. The Galileo comprehensive assessment system provides clients with both prebuilt and customized assessment options. The prebuilt component includes high quality benchmark and formative assessments, pretests and posttests, placement tests, universal screeners, interim and end of course examinations, summative assessments, and multi-stage computerized adaptive tests. The customized assessment component in Galileo provides districts/charters the capability to create a wide variety of customized standards-aligned assessments reflective of district curriculums/ pacing guides. Users may also import assessments made outside of Galileo with Automated Scoring Key (ASK) technology. Plus, districts/charters may prepare students for statewide assessments by including, in any online test, technology enhanced (TE) items representative of those likely to be encountered on statewide assessments.

A summary of the Galileo comprehensive assessment system:

  • Comprehensive Blueprint Assessment Series (CBAS) 
  • Technology Enhanced  Early Literacy and Math Series (TE EL and TE EM) 
  • Comprehensive Pretests/Posttests 
  • Instructional Effectiveness Pretests/Posttests 
  • Multi-Stage Computerized Adaptive Tests (CAT)
  • Screening Assessments 
  • Placement Assessments 
  • Pre-built Writing Prompt Assessments
  • Formative Assessment Series and Progress Monitoring Assessments 
  • Customized district-wide assessments 
  • Customized school-wide and classroom assessments 

Learn more about Galileo assessments and take a moment to watch the webinar, “Seeing the Big Picture with Galileo’s Comprehensive Assessment System.” It gives insight into the different components of the Galileo comprehensive assessment system and addresses the following basic questions about an assessment system: 

  • What is the Galileo comprehensive assessment system?
  • What makes a benchmark series comprehensive?
  • How do teachers use the data on student performance including standards mastery, growth, and risk that is generated through and available in Galileo?
  • What tools does Galileo offer to incorporate student performance data into measures of instructional effectiveness? 

View the Webinar 

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