Monday, June 6, 2016

Preview the Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform

Now is your chance to get a look at the Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform by viewing the recently recorded webinar: New Ways to Look at Curriculum Using the Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform. The platform provides an innovative, practical, and dynamic solution for seamlessly integrating standards-based differentiated instruction, comprehensive, reliable, and valid assessment, as well as actionable Dashboard reporting to promote learning. As a first of its kind, the platform makes it possible to easily integrate existing curriculum content, develop new curriculum content, and modify curriculums as needed. In addition to these benefits, the platform also offers districts/charters the following advantages. 

  • real-time feedback for both teachers and students; 
  • rapid access to curriculum and units via Dashboards;  
  • practical management of communications between teachers and students as well as between teachers and parents through the K-12 Student-Parent Center;
  • ample capacity to measure instructional impact; 
  • flexible approaches to curriculum that accommodate changes in district/charter needs;
  • cost effective methods that reduces the need to purchase traditional textbooks that quickly become outdated; and
  • direct connection of essential goals, objectives, and outcomes in a continuous cycle.

View the newly recorded webinar for your glimpse of the technology within the Galileo platform that enables districts/charters to disseminate and manage curriculum, facilitate data-driven instruction, engage students in multi-modal interactive learning, and evaluate curriculum impact on learning outcomes.

View the webinar
Learn more about the benefits of the Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform

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