Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Webinar: Explore New, Streamlined Enhancements in Galileo K-12 and the K-12 Student-Parent Center

We at ATI have made several enhancements to Galileo K-12 Online interfaces which provide benefits to users at all levels. Join us September 14 at 2:00 pm EDT for a complimentary webinar offering a brief overview of the robust features of Galileo focusing on new interfaces including a streamlined menu bar and an easy-to-use Teaching Dashboard. These latest enhancements were designed specifically with teacher use in mind. It is now easier than ever to build and administer curriculum materials and assessments as well as to access data which can inform next instructional steps to promote learning. Additionally, participants will view the redesigned student testing interface through the K-12 Student-Parent Center. The sleek interface is designed to easily communicate information between students and teachers and between teachers and parents. Communications to students and parents can focus on curriculum and instruction including scheduled lessons and assignments, on assessments and assessment results, and on instructional resources for home use. The enhanced K-12 Student-Parent Center Dashboard includes user-friendly icons, responsive design accommodating use on various screen sizes, search capabilities, and the integration of Google Translate.

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Districts and charters have the option to begin using the new Teaching Dashboard now or later in the year. Learn more about making the switch during the September 14 webinar.

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