Monday, November 7, 2016

The Clear Choice: The Galileo K-12 Online Instructional Improvement and Effectiveness System

Districts and charters across the country have identified Galileo K-12 Online as their clear choice for a high-quality, standards-based, and research supported instructional improvement and effectiveness system. The system provides an array of curriculum, assessment, instructional effectiveness, and reporting tools. Use of Galileo facilitates advancements in teaching strategies, assessments, and implementation of instructional effectiveness initiatives. ATI offers educators key technology and services including:
  • Standards-aligned item banks for teachers including a large array of technology enhanced (TE) item types
  • Multiple types of classroom and district assessments to both support and measure student learning
  • IRT-based Developmental Level (DL) scale scores that go beyond raw scores.
  • Dashboards for all:
    •  Teacher Dashboard linking actionable data to instruction
    •  Admin Dashboard supporting effective leadership
    •  Student/Parent Dashboard portal increasing engagement and learning
  • Support for intervention/enrichment activities for all students
  • Staff experienced in education, content development, measurement, evaluation research, software programming, and web design

Experience Galileo for yourself. Learn first-hand about Galileo K-12 Online: 

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