Monday, March 13, 2017

Keeping You Informed and Positive Experiences Are Top Goals for ATI

Keeping you informed and providing positive experiences with Galileo are major goals of ATI and we continue to work diligently to meet those goals. Accordingly, ATI is pleased to announce a new communication page available to all clients from multiple online locations. This Status Page can be checked by you at any time and it relays real-time information about Galileo current performance, scheduled maintenance, and recent past performance. Incident reports will be posted promptly on the page and will display information about both the incident and the real-time stage of resolution

The ATI Status page can be accessed directly at Additionally, links to the page can be found in three convenient locations: 1. the “Technical Support Request” form on the ATI website, 2. the “Contact Us” form on the ATI website, and 3. the application login pages.  

ATI Status Page a communication page available to all clients.

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