Monday, March 27, 2017

How to Utilize the Galileo Pre-K Online DL Score to Evaluate and Support Early Learners

The Galileo Pre-K Online Developmental Level (DL) Score is a summarized measure of ability. The DL Score indicates a child’s position on his or her path of developmental progress. When generated for a group of children, it will reveal the group’s average position on the path of development. The path is comprised of a series of empirically ordered capabilities outlining a developmental progression for each scale or developmental area. 

When we know the ability of a child or a group, as summarized by the DL score, we know the capabilities that have been learned and the goals that a child or group is likely ready to learn next and in the future. The DL Score is a valuable data point for planning and monitoring progress towards school readiness.

After the teacher contributes his or her knowledge of a child’s ability by saving observations, the DL Score provides specific information on emerging capabilities by identifying “Ready Now” or “Plan Now” goals. These readiness suggestions provide the basis for planning appropriately challenging instruction.

For DL Score interpretation reference, please see the following links to our research:
  •         Estimation of how much the DL Score typically increases based on the length of time enrolled
  •        DL Score ranges with corresponding achievement levels of beginning, intermediate, or advanced for children of age 3-5 years and birth to 3 years
  •         Predicted individual child DL Score based on the child’s age

 The DL Score can communicate progress to educators at home and in the classroom, identify an intervention opportunity, and inform which skills are ready to be learned for all children at all levels.

Visit ATI Exhibit #527 at the National Head Start Association Conference in Chicago April 7-10 or schedule an online Galileo Overview for more information.

Written by Deborah Kinzer, Field Services Coordinator

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