Monday, April 3, 2017

New Powerful Launchpad for K-12 Student-Parent Center

The new Launchpad for the K-12 Student-Parent Center, ATI's latest enhancement to Galileo, went live the last week of March. When a student first logs into the Center, they see four tiles, each providing quick access to a frequently used interface. With one click, Galileo knows which interface to present: Take Tests, complete Assignments/Dialogs, view Test Results, or view an interactive Calendar. The Launchpad makes it fast and easy for students and parents to get where they need to go. Plus, not only are the tiles easy and pleasant to use, they have a positive impact on the scalability of the system as a whole. We hope you and your students will enjoy using them.  Let us know what you think at

To learn more about the Launchpad and other Galileo features, contact a knowledgeable field services coordinator. 

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