Monday, June 26, 2017

Quality, Quantity, Searchable - We’ve Got What You Need ATI Secure and Community Item Banks

Teachers, specialists, principals, and District administrators, we’ve got what you need! Galileo® provides access to large, high-quality item banks including the ATI Item Banks and Inspect® Item Bank in math, ELA, and science. These high-quality item banks contain the media-rich, technology-enhanced items needed to engage students in complex thinking to promote college and career readiness, evaluate standards mastery with high levels of rigor, and prepare students for success in responding to the types of items they will encounter on statewide tests.

ATI Secure and Community Item Banks
The ATI Secure and Community Item Banks contain more than 95,000 items in mathematics, ELA, and science (including more than 15,000 TE items) aligned to CCSS and NGSS for grades K-12. All items are developed by ATI’s experienced in-house content development staff using patented item banking technology and a multi-tiered review process.

The ATI items have been extensively validated on thousands of students, and are continuously validated using advanced IRT techniques. IRT techniques used by ATI make it possible to ensure that standards-aligned assessments built from the ATI Item Banks are reliable and valid, and that they can be effectively used to measure the acquisition of skills, mastery of standards, growth, progress, and readiness for statewide assessments for students at all performance levels. The item banks also include powerful metadata for items (e.g., grade level, standard, DOK level, IRT item parameters [discrimination, difficulty, guessing], scoring rules) and passages (e.g., Lexile®, Flesch-Kincaid Readability).

With 19 different item types including selected-response, constructed-response, and TE types, the ATI item types can be used to create a wide variety of assessments including formative, benchmark, interim, instructional effectiveness pretest/posttest, end-of-course.

ATI Sample Items
  Sample drag and drop sorting ATI  ELA TE item 
Sample interactive ATI math TE item 
 Sample interactive ATI science TE item 

KDS Inspect® Item Bank
The ATI also has a partnership with Key Data Systems (KDS) to provide the Inspect Item Bank within Galileo K-12 Online. The Inspect Item Bank includes more than 45,000 items in K-12 mathematics and ELA as well as 3-12 science aligned to CCSS, and NGSS. The Inspect Item Bank also includes 5,800 items for history grades 5 through high school aligned to California State Standards. The Inspect Item Bank provides access to 14 item types including all item types currently used on statewide tests. Item attributes include standard (including standards, DOK, Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, answer rationales, and rubrics. Grade-level appropriate passages are provided including literary texts as well as complex history, technology, and science-based content.

With the KDS and ATI partnership, it is possible for districts to implement Inspect directly within Galileo K-12 Online and provide assessment results (i.e., raw scores, percent correct) for Inspect items and assessments through Galileo reports.

Inspect® Sample Items
 Sample Inspect ELA item 
  Sample Inspect math item 
Access the ATI Quick Reference Guides within Galileo to jump start building assessment! Or register for a Learning on Demand training session – free of cost!
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