Monday, August 20, 2018

Galileo Supports Educators in Building Banks of High-Quality Items

Galileo includes an Item Bank Builder tool designed to support teachers and other District/charter staff in creating and managing their own high-quality item banks. Using Item Bank Builder, educators can create a variety of item types including classifying, drop down, multiple choice (including expanded multiple choice with partial credit option), open response, selectable text, sequencing and short answer. Integrated review and certification tools support collaboration and vetting of items. Additional tools also support the control of access to each bank, enabling the development of personal, shared, and secure banks of items.

Galileo includes two versions of Item Bank Builder - Basic and Advanced. All users have access to Item Bank Builder- Basic which supports the creation, review, and certification of formative items. Items are organized by standard within a customizable folder system. Items can also be viewed in a Data Grid with sorting and search capabilities. Once items are certified, they are searchable in Test Builder during the creation of formative assessments by users who have been granted read or write access to the item bank that houses the items.

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