Friday, January 16, 2009

ATI Forum Sneak Peek: Designing an Intervention

How has your district integrated the three fundamental components of educational intervention (goal setting, implementation and evaluation) to maximize the opportunity to realize meaningful increases in student achievement and instructional efficiency?

Creating close integration between the process of setting academic goals, implementing an instructional plan, and evaluating that plan maximizes the opportunity to realize meaningful increases in student achievement and instructional efficiency. Designing and implementing a closely integrated intervention plan requires tools that allow for the efficient and meaningful organization of instructional material and the creation of a very close tie between assessment and instruction. Assessment must not be limited to a role where its sole purpose is to provide a grade indicating how much a student has learned at the end of a unit or the completion of a chapter. Rather, it must yield information to evaluate intervention goals and guide future instruction to promote standards mastery. The close integration of goals, implementation plans, and evaluation will mean that an answer to that age old dinner table question "what did you learn today" will be immediately at hand for every child.

With the answer to that question in hand, determinations can be made about which children need additional help and about the relative effectiveness of different instructional activities that have been completed.

Tools must also be available to take action based on the result of evaluation of data when an instructional plan has been implemented. It must be possible to easily insert a new instructional activity when one has not been successful and to add new components to the plan to address the needs of children who haven't yet mastered the material. It must also be possible to easily identify those children who may have already mastered a skill set even before receiving the planned instruction.

Those who register for, and attend the ATI Educational Interventions Forum, either onsite or online, will have the opportunity to discuss:

  • The goal setting, plan implementation, and evaluation processes in detail and learn about many technological tools that can support the process.
  • Their district's interventions and how they can be addressed and supported through the use of technology such as Instructional Dialogs, learner response systems and white boards.

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