Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ATI Forum Sneak Peek: Dynamic Intervention Systems

What kinds of interventions are currently being implemented in your district?

In the presentation Dynamic Intervention Systems, the premise is that the national goal of increasing learning beyond current levels will require the development and implementation of dynamic intervention systems. A systemic approach is required to support district-wide intervention planning, implementation, and evaluation. Dynamic systems are needed to adjust to the rapid changes that are occurring in American education.

The presentation also points out that a dynamic intervention system needs to accommodate two types of interventions: curricular interventions and re-teaching interventions. Curricular interventions are designed to increase learning by making changes in instructional content or curriculum scope and sequence. When they are effective, curricular interventions increase instructional efficiency. Re-teaching interventions are remedial in nature. They are designed to provide additional instruction to students who have not met standards following an initial period of instruction. Re-teaching interventions necessarily increase the amount of time devoted to instruction on the topic being re-taught. The expected benefit is an increase in the number of students mastering standards.

One of the things that those who have registered for, and attend the Forum will hopefully take from this presentation is a sense of the ways in which technology, including online Instructional Dialogs, learner response systems, and white boards can increase your district's effectiveness in managing both curricular and re-teaching interventions.

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