Monday, February 27, 2012

What is the DL Score… and, how can it be my Pre-K tool?

Firstly, what is it?

The Developmental Level (DL) Score is a path-referenced score and a summarized measure of ability. This score indicates a child’s position on the path of developmental progress. When generated for an aggregate group of children it will reveal the group’s average position on the path of development. The path is comprised of a series of empirically ordered capabilities outlining a developmental progression for each scale or developmental area.

Secondly, how is it helpful?

When we know a child’s or group’s ability, as summarized by the DL score, we know the kinds of things that have been learned and the things that the child or group is ready to learn now and in the future. The DL score is a data point for goal planning and monitoring progress towards achieving program-wide goals. For individuals, the DL score drives the identification of emerging skills.

Thirdly, how can I make use of it?

After the teacher contributes knowledge of a child’s ability by saving observations, Galileo will identify emerging capabilities as “Ready Now”/“Plan Now” goals. These readiness suggestions provide the basis for planning appropriately challenging learning opportunities. Because developmental ability progress is measured in terms of change in position on a scale, it will be helpful to know how the DL score correlates to achievement levels. Check this link to see the chart detailing each assessment scale’s DL score range and its corresponding achievement level of Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced.

-Deborah Kinzer, Field Services Coordinator

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! for the explanation as well as the chart. Both are very helpful in making the connection to the numbers. (Angela McCoy)