Monday, September 16, 2013

Depth of Knowledge

Depth of knowledge, or DOK, evaluates the alignment between the depth or complexity of cognitive processing required for a student to complete an assessment task and how well that assessment task aligns with the cognitive complexity expressed in the standards being assessed.

The concept of DOK, developed by Norman Webb, breaks down into four levels - explained in the table that follows.

ATI offers a number of ways to measure the achievement of complex skills aligned to Common Core State Standards using Galileo K-12 Online assessment solutions. Items involving analysis and reasoning (available now in the ATI item banks) measure student capabilities and comprehension beyond factual recall. Assessments can be integrated into the instructional process and thereby expanded to cover student performance occurring over time periods that extend beyond the limited time periods allotted for selected-response tests.

Frequently Asked Questions: ATI and Common Core State Standards

Text reference: Are state-level standards and assessments aligned? Wisconsin Center for Education Research Highlights Fall 1999: 1-3.

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