Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Galileo® K-12 Online Dashboards offer Actionable Information for both Administrators and Teachers All in One Location

To help administrators with the new challenges of elevating student achievement, ATI offers the easy-to-use administrator view Dashboard within Galileo K-12 Online. This Dashboard ensures that curriculum and interventions are effectively implemented by providing, all in one place, actionable information linked to the attainment of staff goals for effective instruction and student goals for growth.

Progress management also becomes much easier when using the Dashboards. Administrators can build and administer proficiency rating scales and monitor staff observations, ensuring proficiency ratings are completed as scheduled. This information can also be used to plan staff professional development. Read more about the Dashboards.

To help teachers provide instruction aligned with local curriculum and deliver differentiated instruction, ATI offers the staff view Dashboard for teachers within Galileo. This Dashboard provides, all in one place, actionable information to teachers to meet the needs of individual students and groups of students with similar learning needs. The Dashboard is convenient and easy to use, plus it links to the attainment of valued instructional goals.

Teachers can quickly view all kinds of events, from upcoming to recently accomplished, such as local curriculum units and assessment schedules. They can even examine unit content and create, schedule, and implement online or offline lessons and assignments all aligned to unit standards. Read more about the staff view Dashboard.

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