Monday, March 31, 2014

Year-end reviews shape future planning - have you scheduled yours?

I have learned a lot over the years just by listening to my clients. One way I listen to my clients is during their year-end review discussion.  Although there is regular communication back-and-forth with clients throughout the year, in Field Services we plan for two major discussions during the school year. The first is a Galileo implementation plan discussion held during the start of Galileo use and near the start of each successive year. The second, which serves as the purpose of this writing, is the year-end review discussion.

As the current school year winds down, we have an opportunity to reflect on the past and consider plans for the upcoming year. This discussion is important for a number of reasons. For example, during the year-end review together we:
  • review the goals for the year along with successes and challenges that were faced, 
  • learn about new initiatives within the district/school and discuss plans for the upcoming school year,
  • share information about new features in Galileo, and
  • discuss professional development needs and new opportunities.
So contact your Field Services Coordinator at or call 800-367-4762 today to setup your year-end review. These discussions can be scheduled in late April or May (after statewide testing) and generally last about an hour or so.

Baron Reyna, Field Services Coordinator

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