Monday, April 7, 2014

ATI Strategic Partnerships

ATI approaches work with school districts and early childhood programs as a partnership. The partnership conceives of educational problem solving as a collaborative venture involving all of the stakeholders in the educational process. Through the partnership, ATI maintains a consistent and collaborative approach to support educational initiatives as they relate to Galileo implementation, training, and adaptation to program and district needs over time.

ATI is dedicated to pioneering new partnerships and strengthening ongoing partnerships with leaders and organizations in the areas of education, research, technology, and state and federal public policy. These partnerships form the foundation for effective implementation of educational reform in schools, districts, and statewide initiatives.

There is an important benefit of ATI’s strategic partnership with other technology companies like eInstruction, SMART Technology, and Promethean.  Client districts who use technology created by our partners are able to receive classroom input device driver updates sooner.  As a result of the partnerships, vendors are able to use working code provided by ATI to test Galileo functionality within their driver updates prior to release.

To learn more about ATI’s strategic partnerships, see the ATI website at: 

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