Monday, May 12, 2014

New Webisode: Geometric Formulas for Understanding

In our conversations with users, we have learned that educators have a growing interest in digital professional development opportunities focusing on student engagement and achievement. We are developing educational webisodes that emphasize the integration of technology and teaching strategies relevant to Common Core with the goal of increasing student involvement in the learning process.
The latest instructional webisode from ATI, Teaching Geometric Formulas for Understanding, presents an approach that supports instructional balance between mathematical understanding and procedural skill development. Understanding of geometric formulas is an important component in accomplishing the Common Core objective for students to obtain a level of mathematical knowledge that can be used in solving real-world mathematical problems.

“Know this formula, understand it, and use it!” Watch the educational webisode demonstrating the inclusion of formula understanding in instruction addressing the measurement of the area of a circle. View the webisode now.

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