Monday, July 7, 2014

Dashboard Data at Your Finger Tips

Galileo Dashboard views offer quick access to the most commonly used reports designed for teachers and administrators in one convenient place. One of the most used reports in Galileo is the Student Growth and Achievement (SGA) report. Accessible to all user levels, the SGA report cross-classifies student achievement with student growth yielding new and useful information to guide instruction. When the desired tests and subject are selected, the student data is displayed graphically in quadrants.

The information in each quadrant has unique significance for instruction. Effective instruction for students in one quadrant will differ from instruction designed for students in another quadrant. The SGA report provides the ability to create intervention groups from the individual student counts in each quadrant. The Intervention group allows teachers and other district staff to group students with similar growth and achievement needs for instructional and assessment purposes.

 The count of students in each quadrant run in the SGA report hyperlinks to the ability to create intervention groups comprised of students in that selected quadrant.

Student growth is measured by the difference between achievement at time one and time two. Time one is represented by an initial assessment, such as a pre-test. Time two is represented by a second assessment or a post assessment.

To learn more about the Student Growth and Achievement report, contact your Field Services Coordinator.

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