Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Galileo Supports Instruction

Galileo K-12 Online includes an array of instructional features, fully integrated with assessment to support educators in developing, implementing, evaluating, and revising instructional activities and curriculum.

One of ATI’s research and development initiatives involves the design of a Dialogic Curriculum Model using Galileo Instructional Dialog technology. Dialog technology supports the design, and implementation of customized standards-aligned district curricular materials such as unit plans, lesson plans, and assignments including, if desired, short formative quizzes. Dialogs can be used as part of initial instruction, differentiated instruction, or as remediation/intervention support after assessments identify student needs. Dialogs can also provide students with guided practice with innovative item types, or to support the administration of performance tasks requiring students to complete extended projects.

For example, Dialogs targeted to the needs of specific students based on assessment data can be identified and scheduled via the Instruction Performance Tracker. Galileo currently includes more than 1,600 Instructional Dialogs developed by ATI’s experienced Assessment and Instructional Design staff in math, reading, and science in grades one through twelve aligned to state standards as well as the Common Core State Standards.

A typical Dialog designed for use as a lesson or assignment establishes an anticipatory set in the introduction, defines objectives, provides key vocabulary, includes direct instruction with modeling, and provides guided practice with immediate feedback. Teachers can create their own Dialogs from scratch or by importing existing instructional resources. Additional Dialogs created by Galileo users and provided for shared use are also available in multiple grades and content areas.

Galileo makes it possible for educators to rapidly develop, deploy, and monitor the impact of curricula and instructional resources to maximize student learning.

Learn more by contacting your ATI Field Services Coordinator at GalileoInfo@ati-online.com.

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