Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Galileo Dashboards

Galileo K-12 Online Dashboards provide users a centralized location from which to view and interact with actionable, real-time data on student learning and instructional effectiveness measures. Galileo offers the Teaching, School Performance, and Instructional Effectiveness Dashboards which quickly provide multi-level vantage points to evaluate and manage the instructional environment across the district, school, classroom or individual learners. The information provided in each Dashboard is based on task sets and is briefly described in the following.

The Teaching Dashboard enables teachers to implement curriculum as well as track individual student performance, class performance, and the performance of students in intervention groups. The Teaching Dashboard not only provides access to assessment results, but also supports instruction related to those results. 

The Teaching Dashboard provides teachers a centralized location
from which  to view and interact with actionable, real-time data. 
The School Performance Dashboard enables school- and district-level users to track student performance at the school and district levels. In addition to summarizing data for one or more schools, the School Performance Dashboard provides the results of state-of-the-art statistical analyses forecasting student performance on the statewide test and evaluating the effects of teachers and administrators on student growth. Districts implementing initiatives related to instructional effectiveness may also choose to make Instructional Effectiveness Dashboard available. 

The Instructional Effectiveness Dashboard enables users to obtain all instructional-effectiveness-related information in one place. The Administration tab, available to staff with appropriate permissions, contains technology to manage a complete instructional effectiveness system including tools to access and/or build proficiency rating scales, administer proficiency rating scales, and import/view staff files.

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