Monday, September 28, 2015

Galileo Dashboard Reports Facilitate Differentiated Instruction

Galileo® K-12 Online Dashboard reports provide educators with the right tools for facilitating data-driven, standards-based differentiated instruction of three essential types:  
  • skill mastery instruction guided through information from the Test Monitoring Report and Detailed Item Analysis Report;
  • standards mastery instruction guided through information from the Intervention Alert and Instruction Performance Tracker Report; and
  • pattern of progress mastery instruction guided through information from the Student Growth and Achievement Report.
In addition, Galileo provides students with rapid access to a broad diversity of differentiated instructional learning opportunities aligned with their learning needs and pattern of progress. These opportunities include resources available in Galileo Instructional Dialogs coupled with district/educator developed/determined materials and with resources available on the web such as those from KHAN ACADEMY®*. Both local resources and those from the web can be delivered through customized Instructional Dialogs in Galileo.
Galileo Instructional Dialogs offer students interactive, multi-modal opportunities to learn and apply skills. In addition, practice items with real-time feedback are embedded throughout the Dialogs along with a brief formative assessment at the end of instruction to help measure impact. Click to view larger. 
Galileo also provides direct links to web-based instructional resources such as those from KHAN ACADEMY® As with Dialogs, these materials may be viewed, selected and scheduled for a student, class or tiered intervention group. Click to view larger. 
These unique Galileo features facilitate rapid planning and scheduling of learning opportunities for all students. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable Field Services Coordinators to learn more or read more and view an illustration of planning differentiated instruction at the standards mastery level. 

* PLEASE NOTE: All KHAN ACADEMY® content is available for free at

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