Monday, October 5, 2015

ATI Celebrates Head Start Awareness Month

ATI has been supporting Head Start programs throughout the country since 1986. We celebrate Head Start Awareness in October for the unwavering efforts Head Start has made in assisting over eight million low-income preschool children and their families.* 

Galileo Pre-K Online supports Head Start efforts to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond by providing a complete and fully integrated assessment, curriculum, and reporting system that links assessment, planning, individualization and program progress. Galileo also provides an estimated measure of what a child has learned in the form of a Developmental Level (DL) score. ATI applies procedures based in Item Response Theory (IRT) to information gained through observational assessment to estimate a measure of child learning. This estimate is presented as the Developmental Level (DL) score. The DL score indicates a child's position on a developmental path and provides information about the capabilities the child has learned as well as the capabilities the child is ready to learn. ATI recently released new research briefs presenting child growth findings which can assist Head Start educators with interpreting DL scores:

  • Estimated Growth for Children Birth through 5 Years Based on 2014-15 Assessment Data: The change in the DL score over time can be used to evaluate child growth. ATI’s research can be used to estimate child growth for various time periods. This information can be used by early childhood providers to evaluate whether children are demonstrating adequate growth over time. Read the full brief
  • Predicted Developmental Level Scores for Children Birth through 5 Years Based on 2014-15 Assessment Data:  ATI conducts annual research that can be used to predict the DL score for children at various ages. Early childhood providers can use the up-to-date information provided by this research to evaluate whether children are progressing appropriately over time for each age-range. Read the full brief


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