Monday, December 14, 2015

Galileo’s Comprehensive Assessment System Offerings

The Galileo comprehensive assessment system provides clients with both prebuilt and customized assessment options. The prebuilt component includes high quality benchmark and formative assessments, pretests and posttests, placement tests, universal screeners, interim and end of course examinations, summative assessments, and multi-stage computerized adaptive tests. Below is an overview of the array of prebuilt assessments available in Galileo:  
  • Comprehensive Blueprint Assessment Series (CBAS) providing interim assessments to measure student growth and achievement;
  • Technology Enhanced Early Literacy Series (TE EL) measuring student growth and achievement with Technology Enhanced (TE) items designed for young children;
  • Technology Enhanced Early Math Assessment Series (TE EM) measuring student growth and achievement with TE items designed for young children;
  • Comprehensive Pretests/Posttests;
  • Instructional Effectiveness (IE) Pretests/Posttests specifically designed to measure and evaluate student growth, a common component in instructional effectiveness evaluations Computerized Adaptive Tests (CAT) maximizing the information obtained from an assessment so that the measurement of student ability is optimized for student ability ranges that are often difficult to measure;
  • Comprehensive Screening Assessments supporting universal screening goals by identifying students at-risk of failing to show mastery on the statewide test;
  • Comprehensive Placement Assessments assessing student skill level for proper student assignment;
  • Prebuilt Writing Prompt assessments; and
  • Formative Assessment Series and Progress Monitoring Assessments with short five-item quizzes for each standard.

The customized assessment component in Galileo provides districts the capability to create a wide variety of customized standards-aligned assessments:
  • District-wide assessments aligned to a district’s curriculum and pacing guide (e.g., benchmark assessments, pretests, posttests, placement, end-of-course exams) and designed to measure student growth and achievement;
  • School-wide and classroom assessments (e.g., formative assessments, quizzes, end-of-course exams);
  • IE Pretests/Posttests in many content areas including state tested content areas and, if participating in the Community Assessment Item Bank (CAIB) initiative, in non-state tested content areas (e.g., music, art, physical education) with psychometric analyses (given sufficient sample size); and 
  • Formative, summative and progress monitoring assessments aligned directly to district unit plans and teacher lesson plans.

Client Assessments Built Outside of Galileo: In addition to the prebuilt and customized assessment options within Galileo, Users may also import assessments made outside of Galileo with Automated Scoring Key (ASK) technology. ASK assessments can be delivered online or offline and assessment data is maintained in the Galileo database ensuring its inclusion in the Galileo reporting engine. 

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