Monday, December 28, 2015

Galileo Test Monitoring Interface Gets an Update

The Galileo Test Monitoring interface will receive updates in the new year. The interface provides the ability to monitor all student responses in one location. The look of the interface is changing with animated 3D charts and expandable windows to engage and inform the educator as well as to allow rapid access to test scoring capabilities. In addition, users can score student’s essays as well as change or modify point values for other question types.

The first update most users will see is the dynamic 3D animated chart at top of the page. The new 3D representation repopulates when data is refreshed and provides the item number and percentage correct when you hover over the graphical item bar. The new design allows the user to expand or collapse and scroll the graphics for easy viewing. The main student response table is now printable in color with student responses identified for multiple choice and scores earned for Technology Enhanced items.  

Printable Test Monitoring report is accessible directly from the Test Monitoring interface. Click to view larger.
When an item number is selected the user can see the student responses as well as the original item and correct answers. A new function has been added that allows teachers to score items directly from the Test Monitoring interface. When a user saves changes an updated animated confirmation alert will identify the successful change. Additionally, the student response table will have new identifiers to let teachers know that an item is “Ready for Scoring” with a color coded amber box as well as teal colored box identifying items with “Partial Credit.”

The Test Monitoring Interface provides users the ability to select an item number to view the student responses. Click to view larger.
The new interface illustrates original responses as well as correct answers. Click to view larger.
Additional enhancements to the Test Monitoring interface include:
  • teachers will continue to have the ability to lock and unlock students from accessing an assessment; 
  • the auto refresh will refresh the page each minute displaying more detailed data on student responses;  
  • the “Show Student IDs” change student names to student IDs for increased privacy; and  
  • the “Filter Mode” allow you to filter the view based on Intervention Group or completed class.
To learn more about the Test Monitoring interface, please contact a Field Services Coordinator. 

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