Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Assessment Technology Item Development Process

Each item in our extensive item bank libraries is written to exacting standards of review and certification by in-house subject-area experts. Our writing and review process ensures that the assessment content is accurately aligned to the standards. ATI’s development of item specifications and diverse item types allows districts to administer assessments that address their particular needs in student measurement.

Statistical data is collected on test items to confirm the validity and reliability of the measurement. Parameters on difficulty, discrimination, and guessing inform student developmental level scores that districts can use to predict performance on state-wide tests and to inform intervention efforts in the classroom to improve that performance.

Items in ATI’s Galileo K-12 Online item banks are linked to Depth of Knowledge and item specification documents. Texts used in the item banks are aligned to Lexile® Measures and Flesch-Kincaid readability scores. The items are evaluated relative to released items from national consortia and state-wide testing instruments to ensure comparability. Additionally, ATI offers item types and content beyond what is offered in state testing instruments to afford districts diverse and customizable measures of instruction and learning.

Key Features of Galileo K-12 Assessment Items

  • Item banks feature more than 75,000 items linked to current state standards.
  • Item banks grow by over 800 items per month.
  • More than 15 distinctive item types including interactive text, drag and drop, open response, and multi-part.
  • Item banks feature more than 10,000 Technology Enhanced items.
  • Content covers  K-12 ELA, math, and science.
  • Secure assessment content for district-wide use and community assessment banks for classroom users.
  • Additional user-created content available in non-state tested subject areas.

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