Monday, January 4, 2016

Streamlining Student Data Importation

In recent school years, districts and charter schools using the Galileo Data Import (GDI) program to input student enrollment and demographic information to Galileo K-12 Online have enjoyed numerous enhancements to the process. The enhancements and their benefits include:

  • Automated quality assurance (QA):  Automating QA has increased importation accuracy and has greatly reduced the risk of importation error or duplication. It has also enabled ATI importation staff to review 100% of imported data for a growing client base. 
  • Automated file preparation:  Building file preparation routines using Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros eliminates the need for importation staff to manipulate data manually prior to loading the file for QA review. This, too, greatly reduces the risk of error and increases both accuracy and turnaround time

Enhancements such as these have been instrumental in enabling ATI to offer no-evaluation importation (NEI). Districts on NEI, and able to provide transactional (change-only) files, import data as often as daily. This improved turnaround time has resulted in ATI being able to substantially increase the number of full QA updates that can be processed. 

Preparations are underway for additional GDI streamlining for the 2016-17 school year that will increase GDI support for districts and charter schools with smaller technical staff and often requiring full QA review of import files. ATI will be releasing updated program guidelines offering template-based formats. This will allow ATI to standardize the process for districts employing the new templates and provide shorter turnaround times.  

We will announce here and on the Galileo K-12 login announcements when the new templates are released!

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