Monday, March 7, 2016

Galileo’s Digital Curriculum Platform Integrates Assessment, Reporting, and Instruction

Recognizing the importance of integrating dynamic digital curriculum with research-based assessment, actionable reporting, and effective instruction, ATI has developed the next generation of Galileo K-12 Online technology, the Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform. Built on the foundation of ATI's nationally recognized Research and Development Program, the platform creates a seamless integration between standards-based instruction, comprehensive assessment, and actionable Dashboard reporting to promote learning.

As the first of its kind, the platform makes it possible to easily integrate existing curriculum content, develop new curriculum content, and modify curriculums as needed. Once curriculum content is entered into the platform, educators can quickly access the information to: 
1) develop and implement lessons; 
2) design empirically-based differentiated instruction; 
3) rapidly link curriculum to balanced interim benchmark and formative assessments; and 
4) monitor the impact of instruction on student progress and mastery of standards. 

Within this context, the platform can help facilitate achievement of district goals related to students, teachers, parents and curriculum developers.  

Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform helps to facilitate achievement of district goals. Click image to view larger.

The Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform is fully integrated with Galileo K-12 Online and the Galileo K-12 Online Student-Parent Center. This unique integration makes it possible to effectively and efficiently coordinate instruction, assessment, communication, and collaboration in ways that promote student learning. 

Speak to one of our Field Services Coordinators for a more detailed discussion on the platform scope, functions, and capabilities. Contact us at 1.877.358.7611 or email. 

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