Monday, September 19, 2016

Galileo Item Banks are Robust, Standards-Aligned, and Frequently Updated

Our Assessment and Instructional Design staff have extensive experience aligning item banks and curricular materials to rapidly changing standards. We are well-positioned to remap items, assessments, and instructional materials to support the adoption of new state standards. This allows educators to find the items they need in Galileo® that will engage students in complex thinking to promote college and career readiness, evaluate standards mastery with high levels of rigor, and prepare students for success in responding to the types of items they will encounter on statewide tests.

Galileo item banks in total are comprised of over 70,000 items (including more than 13,000 technology-enhanced items), and are among the largest secure (district level) and community (class level) item banks in the nation for use in math, reading/English language arts (ELA), science, and writing assessments in grades K-12. ATI content specialists create new items continually (on average about 800 new items per month). 

Unlike systems delivering static item banks validated with a single student sample at a single point in time, Galileo items are developed and psychometrically validated on an ongoing basis. Item types include selected-response (e.g., multiple-choice, true/false, yes/no), constructed-response (e.g., essay with scoring rubric, short answer), and technology-enhanced (e.g., selectable text, multi-part, expanded selected-response, sequencing, interactive, customized technology-enhanced) items as well as performance-based tasks/assessments. All Galileo items and passages/texts are created, aligned to standards, placed under review, and then certified for use according to strict guidelines. Each item is classified in multiple ways (e.g., grade level, standard, Depth of Knowledge [DOK] level). 

Standards-Aligned Item Types in Galileo K-12 Online
Short Answer
Essay (with scoring rubrics)
Extended Selected-Response
Multi-Part Item
Interactive Coordinate Planes
Interactive Linear and Volume Measurement
Interactive Classifying
Interactive Ordering
Interactive Graphing and Charts
Interactive Labeling
Drop-Down Editing
Audio and Video
Performance-Based (with scoring rubrics)

Plus, with our partnership with Key Data Systems (KDS), we are able to offer access to the KDS Inspect® item bank and a suite of over 300 pre-built assessments. The Inspect item bank is comprised of over 33,000 items for ELA (K-12) and math (K-12). In addition, science (4-HS) and history/social studies (5-HS) are also available. 

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