Monday, September 12, 2016

Use the Galileo Assessment Planner to Easily Design Customized Assessments

Galileo includes multiple easy-to-use assessment creation interfaces designed for district, school and class level users. In addition to the multiple types of pre-built assessments comprising Galileo, ATI develops more than 5,000 unique assessments each year reflecting district curriculum, district pacing guides, and/or statewide test blueprints. Customized district-wide assessments are designed for districts/charters by our Educational Management Services and Research staffs in collaboration with district/charter staff. 

Customized assessments are completed with ATI’s innovative online Assessment Planner. The Assessment Planner is an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface that enables district/charter staff to actively participate in the design of district-wide assessments aligned to standards and sequenced according to district/charter curriculum and pacing guides. The Assessment Planner dramatically reduces the time it takes for district/charter staff to create the customized assessments. For example, the Assessment Planner enables staff to easily: 

  • determine the number and timing of assessments; 
  • indicate the specific standards covered in instruction and targeted for inclusion on each assessment, and;
  • indicate the number of items desired for each standard covered on the assessments.

The Galileo Assessment Planner saves educators time while providing the desired flexibility in assessment creation.

Using Assessment Planner, assessments may be designed to include a variety of item types including constructed-response items (e.g., essays). Once completed, assessments can be administered online or offline with plain paper or high speed scanning.  For more information on the Assessment Planner contact your dedicated Field Service Coordinator. 

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