Monday, October 17, 2016

Expansion of Technology Enhanced Items

To assist Assessment Technology Incorporated (ATI) district and charter school partners in preparing students for statewide assessments incorporating item types using online technology, ATI is continuing to expand our offering of  technology-enhanced (TE) items. ATI is producing TE items for use in secure district-wide assessments as well as content for formative uses that can be included in instructional materials, quizzes and class tests to allow students and instructors to become familiar with these new item types.

The item types available include

  • multi-part items that engage students in supporting and explaining answers
  • selectable text items that support close reading and analysis of text
  • sequencing items that demonstrate knowledge of sequential and procedural elements
  • short answer items that allow students to type in a response that is automatically scored
  • observational items that enable teachers to score observed performances or demonstrated skills
  • expanded selected-response items that measure students abilities to recognize multiple correct answers or approaches to solve a problem
  • customized TE items that incorporate manipulation, graphing, grouping, audio components and other forms of interactivity including:
    • interactive coordinate planes
    • interactive linear and volume measurement
    • interactive classifying
    • interactive ordering
    • interactive graphing and charts
    • interactive labeling
    • audio items for early grades
    • Maze passage items
    • dropdown editing

ATI TE item types include items modeled on released item examples, and innovative designs from our professional staff of experienced item writers. Our writing staff has added 14,000 TE items to the bank and continues to add 400 TE items per month to promote student proficiency with these item types.
For a demonstration of these item types please contact ATI Field Services.

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