Monday, October 10, 2016

New Teacher Dashboard Now Live, Admin Dashboard Coming Soon

All stakeholders have access from Galileo Dashboards to intervention tools that assist in improving student achievement. ATI is in the process of making a number of exciting enhancements to the Galileo K-12 application including to the Teacher Dashboard and Admin Dashboard (formerly the School Performance Dashboard). These enhancements benefit users by offering one-click accessibility, responsive design, efficiency, integration, smart technology, and convenience. 

Many educators are looking for a quick method to access enrichment and remediation activities. The new Teacher Dashboard, now available to all districts, makes it easier than ever for teachers to access actionable assessment information along with recommendations for student groupings, targeted standards for differentiated instruction, and links to standards-based instructional materials (e.g., Instructional Dialogs, materials from KHAN ACADEMY®). This can easily be done via recommendations in the Instruction Performance Tracker and the Intervention Alert Reports. As shown in the following screen shot, both reports are accessed via drill-downs from the Teacher Dashboard

View a brief tutorial covering the new Teacher Dashboard also access it and other videos from YouTube.
View a 30 minute webinar on Galileo's enhanced interfaces.

Teacher Dashboard - click to enlarge

Revisions to the Admin Dashboard are nearly complete and will be released soon. The Admin Dashboard supports the evaluation of student growth and achievement, along with intervention activities at the school- and district-level. The Admin Dashboard will include similar enhancements found in the Teacher Dashboard to help improve the ease-of-use and accessibility from a variety of devices. The following screen shot offers a peek inside the new Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard - click to enlarge

Contact a friendly field services coordinator for a demo or further information.

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