Monday, January 23, 2017

Pre-Built and Customized Solutions for all Your K-12 Assessment Needs

Galileo’s comprehensive assessment system makes it the clear choice for educators as you focus on the promotion of learning. The assessment system is designed to help inform the many types of educational decisions that impact student learning and success. It’s the assessment solution you have been searching for with easy-to-use tools, pre-built and customized assessments, and robust item banks. Specifically, the solution includes:

  • assessments aligned to state test blueprints and customized assessments aligned to pacing guides 
  • multiple assessment types to meet all your needs (such as benchmark, computer adaptive, formative, pre/post, summative, end-of-course)
  • intuitive educator tools for building and sharing assessments
  • item banks with over 70,000 standards-aligned items (K-12 math, ELA, science) with hundreds more added monthly
  • numerous item types including technology-enhanced and constructed-response as well as performance-based tasks 
  • Galileo Secure Item Banks for district-level assessments and Community Item Banks for classroom and school quizzes/tests

Join us January 25 at 2:00 pm EST for a brief overview of the Galileo comprehensive assessment system. Register now for the ATI webinar: Seeing the Big Picture with Galileo’s Comprehensive Assessment System.

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