Monday, January 30, 2017

Teachers and Students Benefit from Using Flexible Galileo Instructional Dialogs

Galileo K-12 Online includes over a thousand Instructional Dialogs in reading/language arts, mathematics, and science available to teachers for use in instruction. Galileo Instructional Dialogs are customizable, interactive, online instructional lessons. They are aligned to standards and designed to increase standards mastery and assessment skills, particularly those associated with technology enhanced items. The latter is true because Instructional Dialogs provide a safe environment in which students can gain experience with technology-enhanced forms of assessment similar to those they can expect to encounter on the statewide assessments. 

Instructional Dialogs are an excellent time-saving resource for teachers. In Galileo, teachers can:

  • schedule and use existing Instructional Dialogs
  • build their own Instructional Dialogs, and even 
  • modify existing Instructional Dialogs to tailor them to their goals and students' needs. 

Instructional Dialogs built by one teacher can be shared with other teachers through Galileo. Instructional Dialogs can also be assigned to individual students, entire classes, or district-wide. The flexible nature of Instructional Dialogs enables teachers to use them as a presentation-style lesson in front of the entire class, as a student-focused task in a lab or one-to-one computer resourced classroom, or even as an assignment outside of class for students with Internet access.

To learn more about using Instructional Dialogs, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable Field Services Coordinators.

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