Tuesday, January 2, 2018

How You Can Ensure the Galileo Pre-K System is Reliable with No Extra Spending

Administrators utilizing the Galileo Fidelity Tool can identify areas where support, feedback, and training can further continuous improvement. Check out this brief webinar.

Galileo Pre-K Online provides early childhood educators a complete and fully integrated curriculum, reporting, and assessment system. Galileo Pre-K is patented with a research-based foundation providing developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for children ages birth through 5. For Galileo to positively impact child development, it’s important to maintain a level of fidelity in implementation with ongoing use as intended by ATI research.

The curriculum, reporting, and assessment system effectively promotes children’s learning when implementation is routinely managed and monitored in keeping with its innovative design. To support its fidelity of implementation, ATI created the Galileo Pre-K Online: Assessment and Curriculum Fidelity Tool. Through monitoring efforts and routine collection of observational data, the Galileo’s assessment and curriculum tools can be easily verified for accuracy. 

The Galileo fidelity tool is focused on four primary areas:

  1. Monitoring Galileo Use:  •Child Data/Demographics  •Assessment Data  •Curriculum 
  2. Physical Environment:  •Signage  •Safety  •Physical Space  •Diversity
  3. Professional Practices: •Professionalism  •Observations/Assessment   •Curriculum Preparation  •Teacher Engagement  •Family Engagement
  4. Management and Instruction: •Classroom Management, Schedules & Routines  •Learning Environment  •Use of Interest Centers/Activity Centers  •Instructional Time  •Use of Curriculum  •Individualize Curriculum 

With an easy-to-follow format that includes instructions and sample observations, fidelity verification becomes systematic and straightforward. The administrator utilizing the Galileo Pre-K Online: Assessment and Curriculum Fidelity Tool can confirm accurate implementation and identify areas where support, feedback, and professional development can further continuous improvement.

The tool is located within the Galileo Pre-K Online Help Files and is available to all clients at no additional fee. Click here for a Sample Assessment and Curriculum Fidelity Tool.

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