Monday, December 3, 2018

Galileo Offers Outstanding Cost-Effective Value and Provides Powerful Data Essential in Educator Decision-Making

Galileo K-12 Online, a research-based and standards aligned Instructional Improvement and Effectiveness System, provides three complete functionalities in one integrated application. Integrating a comprehensive assessment system along with a Digital Curriculum Platform and Instructional Effectiveness technology all in one application supports ease of information access and use while at the same time saving money and staff time. Use of Galileo facilitates advancements in teaching strategies including the integration of curriculum and formative assessment and the implementation of instructional effectiveness initiatives across multiple content areas. Each functionality yields crucial data needed in educational decision making. This integrated application is backed by both responsive support and customized professional development. 

About Assessment Technology Incorporated (ATI), the creator of Galileo:  
Nationally, ATI is a leading educational technology corporation and the first to integrate assessment, curriculum, and instructional effectiveness into a single system. The mission of the company is to create, distribute, and support technology to promote learning. ATI has several decades of experience in conducting research assisting educational programs to use assessment information in educational management, instructional improvement, and instructional effectiveness. A fundamental premise behind ATI’s work is that technology is crucial in promoting learning in the digital age. That is, technology supporting instruction and supporting the gathering of readily-available reliable data for decision making is crucial in promoting learning. ATI’s continuous state-of-the art research program influences the character and offerings of Galileo, a complete, standards-aligned, research- based, user-friendly instructional improvement and effectiveness system. 
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