Monday, December 15, 2014

Introducing Galileo's Dynamic Digital Curriculum Platform

The rise of digital technology and its widespread application call for new approaches to assessment and curriculum design and implementation. ATI has created a Digital Curriculum Platform providing educators and students many benefits  in the changing educational environment. The Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform supports rapid dynamic curriculum development integrating instruction with assessment to promote learning. Galileo digital curriculum consists of two major components: a series of online Instructional Units defining the scope and sequence of instruction and offering a variety of resources to guide instruction and, within each Unit, a series of online Instructional Dialogs enabling the online delivery of assessment and instruction. Galileo digital curriculums may include multi-media content, technology-enhanced assessments, and tools supporting online synchronous and asynchronous communication between students and teachers. What is taught as well as what is learned can be tracked through the digital curriculums.

Learn more about the Digital Curriculum Platform.

ATI Digital Curriculums contain a series of Instructional Units defining the scope and sequence of instruction for a specific grade and subject.

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